I went to the dentist & got a $50 Visa gift card the next day!

I used Opencare to find a new dentist in my neighborhood by answering a few short questions and was able to book an appointment on my next day off. Best off all, this may work regardless if you have insurance or not.

My visit was yesterday. Dr. Bassett at Paloma Dental was amazing! She was very thorough with my visit and suggested my treatment plan for the next visit. I received a complimentary gift so don’t forget to ask for one to see if your dentist offers freebies, too.

It was so easy! I submitted a receipt (proof of visit) and received my $50 Visa gift card in my email the next day!

Use my link to see if you’re eligible for this offer and get those pearly whites taken care of! You can choose from several other rewards including Amazon, MAC, Sephora and more! After confirming the referral, I’ll send you a surprise makeup gift if you do so! đź’„

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