How I scored $71 worth of VS & PINK beauty items for FREE !

For the past two years, I enjoyed VS Forever Angel status. I haven’t been shopping lately and my status changed to VIP Angel, which means I earned 500 points on my VS credit card during 2017.

As a special promotion, they emailed me a $10 off any purchase on my credit card to get me to return back to Forever Angel status. I also received two different mailers with coupons, including the infamous “Free Panty” with any purchase in each mailer.

I was unsure what I wanted to buy; I was not feeling shopping online and it was not worth it because I would have to pay for shipping, unless I purchased a bra or spent $100… something I was not intending to do. I intended to pay the least amount possible using my free coupons.

I went down to my local PINK store and was shocked to see the sheet masks were on sale for $1! The $10 e-coupon off any purchase did not have restrictions.. so I grabbed ten $1 masks, two panties and presented the two coupons and my bar code from the email (not shown) to the cashier. She said, “You own nothing.” Nothing… nada.. not even TAX! It was great! 👏👏

Transactions like this are rare as coupons are getting harder to use when combined with other offers… so happy this one worked! Thank you VS & PINK. 😘❤