9 tips to have an awesome beauty show experience

2017 OMA Gold Winner in the permanent display for cosmetics at GlobalShop Las Vegas.     March 2017
Benefit Brow Magic End Cap
Client: Benefit Cosmetics
Entrant: Rapid Displays

So, I am kind of a beauty junkie. In the past three years, I have traveled all over the west coast to attend dozens of conventions and seminars pertaining to the health and beauty industry. I always have a great time connecting with other passionate people. I have met some amazing influencers and have found many of my current suppliers by attending these shows. It is all about learning, networking, and making connections. I want to share my experience and give some tips on how to save money, maximize time, and create a great beauty show experience.

Book Early: The best deal is early bird pricing and you can also get first choice on classes or training sessions. You can find more detailed information on the organizer’s website or flier. There is usually a deadline to purchase tickets, however some events may also have door pricing. Like any event, day of purchases may be the highest price. Depending on your type of registration (individual or business), the admittance fees will vary. Some events may even be free to attend! Most shows have one, two or all access pricing, which can start as low as $25 per day up to several hundreds of dollars for specific access and education seminars. Many shows offer break out sessions and other presentations that are included in the admission price. Some specialty topics, such as business or legal/regulatory compliance, may have nominal fees to attend. Sign up for those that interest you, especially the complimentary sessions. These fill up quickly and can sell out before the event begins. Bonus if beverages and a light snack or meal are provided.

Are You A Student Or Belong To An Organization?: There are often discounted prices for students and members of industry organizations, such as PBA – Professional Beauty Association. Look for special offers or coupon codes before buying.

Just a few of my many show badges this year. May 2017

Be Prepared: Have business/network cards, a notepad and pencils or pens. Also, some conventions may require proof of eligibility for attendance. A valid professional’s license or other industry credentials must be available at registration. Many events have the right to refuse entry without meeting the proper admittance guidelines.

Did You Have Breakfast?: Get plenty of rest the night before and eat a good breakfast before hitting the show floor or seminar. Your day will be busy learning new topics, meeting people, and setting up future business transactions. Most areas will have water stations, but it is always best to bring your own bottle & a light snack (fruit or granola bar). This will keep you hydrated and sustained until your next meal.

Professionalism: You may not be in the salon or office, but you still represent yourself and your company. Be courteous, obey convention rules, and event staff’s directions. There is always someone listening and watching. Noncompliance with the organization or convention policies may result in refusal of entry without a refund.

Follow all signage rules and instructions. GlobalShop March 2017.

Dress Comfortably: You will be on your feet for most of the day socializing and meeting industry professionals, so it’s important to look your best and feel confident. Wear your most comfortable shoes and have a backup pair to change out if your feet start to hurt. For the ladies, a pair of business flats or appropriate sandals is best.

Bring Samples: If you have a brand, it’s a good idea to have samples to offer potential clients or future business partners. This creates a marketing opportunity and gives them a visual of your products. Ensure your samples are labeled correctly with compliance with FDA regulations and other local or state laws (if applicable).

One Badge, Two Shows: Many large cities, such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles, are home to many conventions throughout the year. You may have the chance to experience two events for the price of one. All you have to do is ask the event organizers if their show badge is eligible for entry at other similar conventions happening at the same time. Emails and signage throughout the show floor will also give information on these available opportunities.

GlobalShop Las Vegas March 2017

Learn And Have Fun: The feeling of being with tens of thousands of industry professionals under the same roof is exciting! You never know who you will meet. Conventions and seminars give the opportunity to network, get industry knowledge, and learn about all the latest trends with others who share the same passion. Whether you’re a hair stylist, nail technician, esthetician, or salon owner, it creates opportunity for growth and inspiration to be the best professional you can be. Enjoy!