Using coupons at King Soopers: The basics

DENVER — Get ready to save money with coupons! It will take time to collect and organize, but if you have the time, you have the money. My grocery store of choice is King Soopers, a Kroger store, so I will be referring to  them in this post.

Here are the basics of couponing at King Soopers:

Coupons offer additional money savings off a retail price to the consumer. A coupon can be offered by the retailer or the manufacturer in a paper or digital form. Coupons can be a monetary value off, percentage off, BOGO (Buy One, Get One) and, the best, FREE. Almost all coupons have an expiration date, limitations and other restrictions printed directly on them. It’s important you read them thoroughly to avoid confusion. Note: ALL coupons will state similarly: One coupon per item or purchase, which means you cannot use two coupons for one product. For example: You love Tide and have a both a digital coupon and paper coupon. You can only use one.


Find savings everywhere. Paper coupons can be found in your local Sunday newspaper and can be printed for free online at the brand’s website. The newest way to receive coupons is in digital form on the retailer’s app. All you have to do is download them for free.

King Soopers has a promotion called “Free Fridays” and offers a different item each week to redeem for FREE with a digital coupon on the store’s app. It is usually food items but who doesn’t like a free loaf of bread of beverage? All you have to do is download it to you phone and redeem by expiration date.

Coupons can also be found directly on the products themselves in the store. If you see a vendor stocking a product your family uses, tell them you love their brand and ask for a coupon.

Store catalinas (coupons that print at the register) are also a great way to get additional savings. The coupons vary and depend on your shopping habits and brand loyalty. (This is what marketers study from the usage of loyalty store cards. Get one.)

I personally get FREE items every month just for being a loyal customer at King Soopers. I have gotten everything from household items, such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies, to bottled water and other food items.

Know the store coupon policy. Major retailers have a coupon policy. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with it.

Double coupons. King Soopers in Colorado allows double coupons, up to $1 off total. This is not the case for other states and retailers. If you have a coupon for .50 cents off a product and the product is $1, your coupon will double to $1 , essentially making the item FREE plus tax.

Don’t forget the taxes. If you’re lucky enough to score an item for free, by law the retailer must collect the taxes, depending on what the item is. There is generally no tax on some food items, but always be prepared and expect this for any item bought with coupons.

Finally, organize. Once you have all your coupons, it’s best to sort them by store and categories, such as groceries, personal care products, household, etc. I have them divided into sections according to King Soopers so it saves time and makes shopping easier.


Like anything new you learn, it may take a few transactions to get used to using coupons regularly. After a few trips to the store, you’ll be surprised how much you weren’t saving all this time. Have fun and happy couponing!

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